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Advisor Best Practices Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Advisors using emX or emXPro

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • How to Position eMoney
  • Presenting with eMoney
  • Introducing eMoney to a New Client
  • Client Worries & Objections
  • Interactive Planning Tools
  • How to Set Yourself Apart Using eMoney

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Date Location Register
Jul27 Denver, CO Register
Aug3 La Jolla, CA Register
Aug12 Chicago, IL Register
Aug17 Radnor, PA Register
Aug31 La Jolla, CA Register
Sep2 Charlotte, NC Register
Sep16 Houston, TX Register
Sep30 Atlanta, GA Register

Essentials Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Support staff members who handle data entry and manage client relationships
  • Advisors on the emX Select platform

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Connection Best Practices
  • Data Entry basics
  • Report Basics
  • Branding emX
  • Positioning the Client Site
  • Rollout Strategies

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Date Location Register
Aug1 La Jolla, CA Register
Aug10 Chicago, IL Register
Aug15 Radnor, PA Register
Aug29 La Jolla, CA Register
Aug31 Charlotte, NC Register
Sep14 Houston, TX Register
Sep28 Atlanta, GA Register

Planner Essentials Workshop

Suggested for:

  • Support staff or Advisors involved in the
    Planning process

In this workshop, we will cover:

  • Sample Clients
  • Fact Finder
  • Reports
  • Advanced Planning Tool
  • Goal Planner
  • Decision Center
  • Distribution Center
  • Building Presentations

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Jul26 Denver, CO- SOLD OUT Register
Aug2 La Jolla, CA Register
Aug11 Chicago, IL Register
Aug16 Radnor, PA Register
Aug30 La Jolla, CA Register
Sep1 Charlotte, NC Register
Sep15 Houston, TX Register
Sep29 Atlanta, GA Register


Attend a Live Training Webcast without leaving the comfort of your office! If you have difficulty, please call 1-888-362-8482.

Coaching Sessions

Every Tuesday at 2pm

Ready to master the fundamentals of eMoney? In this WebEx series, we'll highlight key features of the system and best practices that will help you build the skills you'll need to get started with eMoney.

eMoney Master Series

Every Wednesday at 2pm

Feel like you've tackled the basics of eMoney? Tune into our Weekly Wednesday Webexes where we'll dig deeper into facets of the system that you are already familiar with.

Previously Recorded Webcasts


Browse an archive of previously recorded webcasts and watch them anytime, anywhere.

Date Workshop Audience Register

EMX Proactive Features

Today we will uncover some of the often overlooked features in emX that can help you stay ahead of the curve!
Inexperienced Register

Mid-Year Review

Let's review the top ten reports that will guarantee success and consistency in your mid-year review.
Experienced Register

What is the Client Website?

Join us as we overview the Client Experience! This introductory session will walk you through the what and the why. We will preview a client website and discuss the many reasons your clients could benefit from use.
Inexperienced Register

Engaging the Spouse

Ensuring your relationship is balanced between client and spouse is sometimes difficult. Join us as we uncover ways to involve both parties.
Experienced Register

Client Website Set up & Features Overview

This session will guide you through how to creating and customizing the client website. We will cover efficiencies and teach you how to set defaults for your entire eMoney client base!
Inexperienced Register


Join us as we take a detailed look into our newest addition to the Fact Finder.
Experienced Register

Client Website Features Breakdown

Join us for an in-depth look at each available Feature on the client website. This session will help you outline a set of defaults that will benefit your clients experience with their website.
Inexperienced Register

Leveraging Your Staff- Part 1

In the first installment of this 2 part series, we'll discuss ways to leverage your support staff in the client onboarding process.
Experienced Register

Client Website Best Practices & Client Engagement

Mastering the client site takes some time! In this session we will discuss client site best practices to help increase client usage. We will also outline strategies to re-engage your clients.
Inexperienced Register

Leveraging Your Staff- Part 2

Whether it is helping a client better understand and utilize the client features of eMoney, offering scalable planning solutions for all levels of clients, or marketing the value of financial planning with your clients, this session will tackle the opportunities for team members to impact the planning process.
Experienced Register

All About Connections

Join us as we break down how to establish connections. In this session we will detail how to add an Advisor Connection and how your client will bring over their accounts from the client website.
Inexperienced Register

The Forgotten Ones

Tune in as we turn our attention to commonly overlooked planning tools.
Experienced Register

Integration Nation

eMoney's integrations help you work smarter, not harder. Let’s take a look at eMoney’s existing integrations and how they can streamline your eMoney workflow.
Experienced Register

Tax Diversification

Join us as we review how eMoney handles taxes and some strategies to provide confidence and accuracy.
Experienced Register

Uncovering Hidden Opportunities

Learn how to leverage eMoney to build your book of business by increasing your AUM. We'll cover features such as analytics, alerts, advisor reports and more!
Experienced Register

What REALLY Scares Your Clients

Halloween is a month away. Ditch the costume and learn what really scares your clients. We will look at how to use what-ifs to stress test your plans.
Experienced Register

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Custom Training

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This approach is recommended for long-time eMoney users looking for in-depth training topics, new users looking to get their office up to speed, and anyone not on emX.

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