Maximize your value.

Introducing emX, the most advanced planning and practice management tool in the industry.

Planning done your way.

Learn your client's story and work together to build a plan that helps them make it a reality.


Interactive Cash Flow Planning

  • Open any scenario and see lifetime cash flow
  • Demonstrate effects of important decisions
  • Use advanced techniques and what-ifs
  • Collaboratively build a plan with your clients


Interactive Goal Planning

  • Compare up to 4 scenarios
  • Change values on the fly
  • Use Monte Carlo or Straight-line math
  • Print presentations for your client


Interactive Estate Planning

  • Visually tell the story of an estate plan
  • Show the effects of estate techniques
  • Cover topics like Distributions and Survivor Income
  • Collaboratively create a distribution plan

More insight into your book of business than ever before.

In-depth analytics help you gauge the financial health of your clients and your practice.


Cash Flow, Goals, Estate, Investment, Retirement, Insurance, Calculators and more.


200+ printable reports and presentations that can be shared with your clients.


Unlimited secure document storage helps keep your office and your clients organized.


Email and mobile alerts keep you on top of your to-do list.


Attractive and compliance-approved correspondence between you and your clients with an audit trail.

Screen Sharing

Whether they're across town or across the world, connect with your clients without the hassles of third-party software.

Success Stories from Our Advisors

Erik Evans

“eMoney has elevated the quality of planning we can do, and therefore boosted what can be achieved, instead of spending so much time in the weeds dealing with less important matters (e.g. market returns).”

Hardy Eubanks
UBX Financial Freedom

“Because of the Decision Center, we were able to demonstrate what changes were needed in order for a client's financial plan to be successful. He is a more satisified client because of this.”

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